Comparing USC’S M.S. Communication Management and M.S. Applied Psychology Degrees

USC (University of Southern California) is known for its well-rounded programs and friendly staff, as well as its high student success rate. It offers dozens of exciting degree programs that are fine tuned to encourage student success and prepare students for the working world.

Two of the most popular USC programs are the Communication Management degree and the Applied Psychology degree. Both degrees are well-liked and highly-rated, but they are very different from one another. To prove this, here is a brief comparison of the two.

M.S. Communication Management

The M.S. Communication Management degree can be completed online. The program teaches students the skills they need to be prepared for the workplace. It also supplies students with a variety of problem-solving skills and tools the efficiency of which has been backed by extensive evidence-based research.

For the online variant of the program, students can be expected to pay up to $57,000 of tuition by the program’s end. Before applying, students need to have a GPA of 3.0.

Prospective students are always encouraged to learn more about USC’S Communications degree by requesting information on the school’s website and reaching out to teachers.

M.S Applied Psychology

USC offers a master’s program in Applied Psychology – it is a practical choice for students who want to understand human behavior and who enjoy the scientific aspect behind Psychology. The program offers classes that have to do with marketing, research, social media, analytics, and social development.

The degree is offered online, allowing students to prioritize their time. The overall cost of the degree totals around $61,000, including textbooks and required materials for classes.